Extend the Reach of Genomic Research

Generation Biotech introduces selective long DNA extraction for faster, more accurate next-generation sequencing

DNA sequencing has become both high-throughput and inexpensive, which has created a boom in sequencing. Selective DNA capture further accelerates throughput and reduces complexity.

However, an inability to obtain long DNA sequences has hampered the identification of specific genes, tumors and pathogens. Small read DNA selections require extensive post-extraction assembly, which is difficult, time-consuming and less accurate.

Now, Generation Biotech’s Region Specific Extraction (RSE) enables targeted capture of DNA segments that are 10 times longer than those isolated by competitors.

Market pull for Generation Biotech’s RSE long-read DNA capture is strong in human genetic research for precision medicine and in both plant and animal genomics.

Magnetic particle-based isolation of
genes and regulatory elements

RSE: Region-Specific Extraction

  • Large DNA segments (>20 kb per primer)
  • Very small (15-25) primer footprint required
  • Improves productivity and accuracy of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)
HSE: Haplotype-Specific Extraction

  • SNP-specific resolution of ambiguous allele combinations
  • Associated mutation can be discovered and resolved
  • Can be multiplexed across extended regions

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