Extending the Reach of Genomic Research

Omicron-specific PCR test for Variant of Concern Screening 

Rapid screening in a single reaction:
-   SARS-CoV-2 infection status
-  VoXcreen and VoXident Kits
-   Variant of concern identification  (Omicron or Delta VoC)

For fastest results, our new multiplex assay “VoXcreen” differentiates in a single PCR reaction between the Omicron and Delta variants of concern (VoCs).

Since Omicron and Delta together represent more than 99% of SARS-CoV-2 cases in most countries, VoXcreen directly identifies the VoC for nearly all positive samples in a single PCR.  For the identification of rare non-Delta and non-Omicron variants, our “Alpha, Beta, Gamma” assay can be performed as follow-up PCR. 

All our products are for Research use Only (RUO)  -  not for use in diagnostic tests. 

The VoXcreen assay targets the N1-Gene, common in all SARS-CoV-2, using a WHO-recommended assay design.  Therefore, both Omicron and Delta variants are identified with the recommended dual-target strategy.  The assay also contains an internal isolation control (RP).

Current tests need at least two separate PCR reactions and often also genome sequencing for the specific identification of the Omicron VoC.  Our test identifies Omicron reliably in a single PCR reaction.  This saves time and liberates PCR-capacities that are critically needed for high-throughput sample screening. 

Omicron-specific PCR Test
Omicron-specific PCR Test

Omicron-specific PCR Test


VoXcreen qPCR assays

Our Omicron-specific PCR test robustly targets distinct deletions in the genome of the the new Omicron Variant of Concern. It thereby efficiently singles out the omicron variant for determination.

The assay is available as single- or multiplex assay.

SARS-CoV-2 qPCR Analyses
PCR Testing and VoC Indentification Procedure

A) VoC-Identification after screening PCR: positive samples need to be searched for in the freezer for secondary PCR or sequencing. Sample mixing possible. RNA may already be degraded due to more freeze-thaw cycles. Follow-up PCRs need time and sequester urgently needed PCR capacities.
B) GenXPro VoXcreen PCR identify VoCs during screening PCR to save time, resources and to free PCR capacities.

Omicron VoC
Delta VoC

Above: PCR results of VoXcreen assay from Omicron- and Delta VoCs

PCR Results of VoXcreen-DO assay from Omicron- and Delta VoCs

Above:   Omicron genome of SARS-CoV-2 with accumulations of mutations in S-Gene.

Evaluation Scheme

Above:   Evaluation scheme of our VoXcreen assay for simultaneous dual-target SARS-CoV2 identification and VoC-determination in a single assay.

Our Omicron-specific assay is also available as single assay with fluorophores of your choice and as primer-probe mix.

For all other SARS-CoV-2 related products including PCR- tests for specific mutations to determine the Lambda, Mu, C.1.2 as well as other VoCs and VoIs, please contact us.

All assays are strictly for Research Use Only.   Not for use in any diagnostic procedure - these assays are not FDA approved.  Kits are for internal testing by qualified laboratories.  CE certification process pending.  


Region Specific Extraction (RSE)

Region Specific Extraction (RSE)

Resolution of genomic duplications:RSE is used to enrich specific gene regions in order to resolve sequencing and genotyping difficulties that can be caused by genomic duplications, pseudo-genes, and gene homologues.

Haplotype Specific Extraction (HSE)

Haplotype Specific Extraction (HSE)

HSE is used to determine long range haplotypes in disease association studies.  HSE separation primers can be designed for any polymorphic site, including single nucleotide polymorphisms.

Generation Biotech and its commercialization partner offer site and region specific DNA extraction for a wide variety of purposes and down-stream assays, such as:

  • Resolve ambiguities and complexity
  • Distinguish duplications and repeats
  • Map indels, break points, gap closures, insertion points/ T-DNA
  • Identify unknown sequence/alleles
  • Complete reference genomes
  • Remove sample preparation bottlenecks in NGS
  • Analyze hundreds of mutations across many samples in parallel
  • Identify novel structural variants associated with specific SNPs
  • Replace Southern in transgenic production by full length sequence
  • Utilize a rapid and flexible workflow
Quality Made in Germany & USA

The kits were designed and extensively tested in Germany and are manufactured in the US with components from Germany and the US.

SARS-CoV-2 Related Products

VoXcreen Trial Kit
VoXcreen Trial Kit

VoXcreen Trial Kit



Omicron-specific PCR Test Trial
Omicron-specific PCR Test Trial

Omicron-specific PCR Test Trial

Omicron-specific PCR Test
Omicron-specific PCR Test

Omicron-specific PCR Test