Generation Biotech and its commercialization partner offer site and region specific DNA extraction for a wide variety of purposes and down-stream assays, such as:

  • Resolve ambiguities and complexity
  • Distinguish duplications and repeats
  • Map indels, break points, gap closures, insertion points/ T-DNA
  • Identify unknown sequence/alleles
  • Complete reference genomes
  • Remove sample preparation bottlenecks in NGS
  • Analyze hundreds of mutations across many samples in parallel
  • Identify novel structural variants associated with specific SNPs
  • Replace Southern in transgenic production by full length sequence
  • Utilize a rapid and flexible workflow

Custom capture sets are developed as needed. If you have a specific genomic region that you would like to enrich, please contact us with the sequence of interest and the type of extraction you need and we can recommend the appropriate extraction techniques.