Extend the Reach of Genomic Research

Genetic Research Challenges

  • Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and targeted enrichment cannot always resolve complex sequence regions
  • Short NGS read lengths limit the ability to determine accurate sequence, map insertion points and detect structural variants and new alleles
  • Typical target enrichment methods isolate only small fragments and cannot capture broader genomic context

Generation Biotech’s Solution

Multiplexed, magnetic particle-based isolation of genes and regulatory elements

RSE: Region-Specific Extraction

  • Large DNA segments (>20kb per oligo)
  • Can identify unknown sequence space
  • Productivity and resolution improvement combined with NGS

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HSE: Haplotype-Specific Extraction

  • SNP-specific resolution of ambiguous allele combinations
  • Associated mutation can be discovered and/or resolved
  • Possible improvement of coverage for low-abundance SNPs

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